Description Bigbag crusher half-automatic

The semi-automatic bigbag crusher uses the lifting motion of a forklift truck. The forklift driver moves the bigbag through the crusher and operates the crusher arms by radio control. If necessary, the bigbag can be handled again from the side (perpendicular to the first crusher).

Specifications bigbag crusher half-automatic

  • bigbag crusher
  • frame at height
  • demountable screen
  • radio control for the forklift driver
  • hydraulic unit (power supply required: 230/400 Volt/50 Hz)
  • the entire frame can be easily moved with a forklift truck

Operation bigbag crusher half-automatic

The bigbag hangs from the loops in a forklift and is suspended in the machine. Crushing usually starts from the top and is distributed at 4 or 5 places over the height of the bigbag, so that all large chunks are crushed.

One crush movement takes about 10 seconds. You can repeat the cycle again from the side so that the bigbag can be crushed again, perpendicular to the first direction. This way you can be sure that all chunks are out of the bigbag.

Hydraulic power pack

  • hydraulic hoses
  • electrically operated hydraulic valve by radio remote control

Safety bigbag crusher semi-automatic

  • the machine is operated by the forklift driver who has a good view of the machine
  • the frame is protected with steel mesh mats in accordance with the applicable CE standards


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