The content of big bags can become hard for many reasons. In that case, it is not possible to empty the big bag in a normal way, because the lumps are too big. By crushing the content, the large lumps are reduced to a workable size.

Purpose recreating flowability by crushing lumps of product in big bags
Execution two hydraulic controlled pressing arms, a lifting table and a turning table
Process in eight steps the crusher presses a bigbag from different sides and heights. This causes the lumps to break into smaller parts and makes the product flowable again.
Control with a touch screen. Adjusting the program is easy. Different parameters for: number of steps, pressing length, turning of the FIBC, etc.
Installation completely assembled and tested in the factory
At site the customer needs to take care of:
  • a concrete floor
  • an electric power supply of 32 amp into the control panel

Technical specifications

Control with
  • PLC Siemens type S7, 1214 C
  • touch screen Siemens HMI, 7 inch
  • control panel
  • main switch 32 amp.
  • automatic earth leakage circuit breaker
  • all cabling
  • assembled and tested in our factory
Frame main construction made of rigid square beams
Hydraulics                     consisting of:
  • set of pumps with electric motor
  • cylinders for crushing
  • cylinder for rotating the big bag
  • oil tank
  • piping
Lifting table load max. 2.000 kg
Rotating table 90 degrees rotation clockwise and counter clockwise

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