About us

The world of transport and storage of bulk material is always on the move. An increase in efficiency, an enlargement of operational safety and the lowering of costs are essential elements of professional management. Whether it concerns a small firm or a large multinational, Jansen&Heuning bulk handling systems provides a suitable answer to every question regarding the transport of bulk goods. If our extensive assortment of standard equipment does not provide a satisfactory solution, our custom-built machines will.

Who are we?

Jansen&Heuning is a medium-sized company. Small enough to bring the possibilities of the design and the production department in tune with the requirements of the customer. Large enough to bring large-scale projects to a perfect finish within the agreed deadline.

The sales department is run by staff who has been trained successfully in this branch and who are able to translate practical questions into technological solutions. A computer program developed by Jansen&Heuning assists in the calculation of all necessary data for transport equipment.

In which branches do we operate?

We produce machines for the handling of bulk (food, peat processing, recycling, sand, gravel and concrete) and for the handling of agricultural products (patato, onion, grain). After the takeover of Meijer Holland in 2011, our agricultural product range was expanded with bale grabs and bale collectors.

Where did we come from?

Since 1901 Jansen&Heuning has developed from a general machine factory to an international company specialized in the transport and storage of bulk goods. Constant technological innovation, an own design department, committed professionals and modern management are the ingredients of this dynamic firm.

Belt and screw conveyors, elevators, loading bellows, dust filtering installations, big bag filling and discharge units, etc. are important components of the supply programme. Even our standard machines can be adapted to your specific demand thanks to an entire range of optional equipment.

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Our customers

We work for a large number of customers in all shapes and sizes. From large multinationals and engineering firms to sole traders. In all cases we do what has been agreed upon, at any cost. Our orders for 87% from existing customers, partly because a good relationship with the customer has priority.

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