Big bag handling (FIBC)

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Big bag handling (FIBC)

Big bags (FIBCs) are a convenient and affordable way of storing and transporting bulk goods. Jansen&Heuning offers various options for filling, unloading and crushing bigbags. Jansen&Heuning can supply complete filling and unloading installations and there is an extensive range of bigbag crushers. The contents of bigbags can become so hard that the product can no longer flow out of the bigbag. A bigbag crusher (bigbag conditioner) helps to crush this solid mass into chunks that do flow freely out of the bigbag. Within the bigbag crushers, there is a distinction between:

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Jansen&Heuning has been manufacturing installations for storage and bulk handling since 1901. Creative solutions for bulk handling are designed and built in The Netherlands and installed all over the world. Key success factors are our in-house engineering, dedicated employees and down-to-earth approach. We think along with our customers and come up with reliable standard products and professional, custom-made solutions.

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