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Since 2003, ATEX legislation has been mandatory in the EU and EFTA. This means that all machines (with a year of construction after 2003) intended for hazardous ares must have an Ex marking. With this the manufacturer guarnatees that the machine sold complies with the ATEX 114 guidelines. Machine owners must comply with the ATEX 153 directive. They record the hazards, hazardous areas and measures taken in the Explosion Safety Document (EPD).

ATEX analysis for explosion safety

Jansen&Heuning can inventory and analyze the possible sources of danger, as described in NEN-EN-1127-1. We do this by making an ignition analysis. We first make a list of all possible ignition sources, then we determine which sources are relevant and assess them precisely. Finally, we also assess whether the machien fits into the hazard zone in which it is placed and recommend possible measures.

An ignition analysis is required when:                                                                                                              

  • a new machine is built into a plant;
  • a machine/plant was commissioned earlier than 2003 and an
  • ignition analysis has not yet been made for it;
  • or a machine/plant is modified in such a way that a new or additional risk analysis is important.

Jansen&Heuning uses ISO 80079-36/37 as basis for the ignition analysis.

Additional info EPD

Before we can make an ingition analysis, we need an Explosion Safety Document (EPD). Every machine owner who works with substances and gases that can explode is required to prepare one. This document contains:

  • a description of the workplace
  • a description of the process
  • properties of the hazardous substance
  • hazard sources and hazard zone drawings
  • results of the risk assessment
  • measures taken

Example ignition analysis ATEX

Are you wondering what our ignition analysis looks like? Downlaod our sample ATEX ignition analysis on the right side of this page.

In short: 
Jansen&Heuning can unburden you with an ATEX-analysis that meets all requirements. We map the sources of the dangers, analyze them and make an ignition analysis. If you have any questions or interest you can fill out the form below and we will contact you.

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