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Elevators (5)

The elevators are designed to transport many different types of products. Many of these products require the elevators to be Atex compliant. Relying on the knowledge and experience of Jansen&Heuning, the best solution can be offered.

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In comparison with a long sloping belt conveyor there is an fraction of the surface area is needed for an elevator.

Jansen & Heuning is very successful with elevators for heavy-duty usage. For slightly sticking and abrasive products synthetic buckets are used. Gas-tight and/or heat resistant elevators are also possible.

From powders to sand and gravel

Through the application of the most advanced techniques and materials, Jansen&Heuning can provide a suitable elevator for each product. What makes our elevators so suitable?

  • wear-resistant synthetic buckets
  • wear-resistant top and foot covers
  • low stretching rubber belt or wear-resistant chains
  • hinged inspection hatches
  • practically waste-free foot section
  • electronic misalignment protection
  • centrifugal or gravity unloading
  • gas tight and/or heat-resistant

We can provide you with an offer right away thanks to our advanced calculation module. We guarantee short delivery times and a good price to quality ratio.

Delivered completely assembled 
For lengths up to 40 meters we assemble the elevator into a single unit. We can install an elevator within one day thanks to a special transport method, a large crane on the installation site and good timing. In short: fast delivery and installation times, good quality and a competitive price.

Advice without obligations?

We can provide you with an offer right away thanks to our advanced calculation module. We guarantee short delivery times and a good price to quality ratio.

The JH-calculation program enables you to personally calculate the costs of a conveying system. Fill in the required fields with your specific data and the program will calculate the costs of the conveying system that best suits your needs.

Service and maintenance

  • belt tension adjustment unit on reversing roller
  • inspection and maintenance hatch in the up-going leg
  • reverse sense blocker integrated in the drive unit
  • belt alignment sensor as required
  • mounting frame for RPM monitoring sensor on the reversing roller

Belt and buckets

  • rubber or PVC belt, oil and grease resistant and/or anti-static as required
  • option: two chains instead of the belt for extremely heavy circumstances or high temperatures
  • buckets, depending on utilisation, in stainless steel, nylon, polyamide, rubber
  • buckets provided with extra steel wearing strips as required

Gravity unloading

The type 965Z works with gravity unloading in cases where the maximum velocity is limited to 1 m/s.


  • using any paint system of your choice or hot dip galvanization


  • special version for sand and gravel
  • all stainless steel construction
  • explosion-proof, equipped with explosion hatches, anti-static belt and plastic buckets
  • steel or rubber wearing plates in the head and/or the foot section
  • version for foodstuff transport
  • practically waste-free foot section
  • gas-tight version
  • heat resistant version

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