Key factors to consider before purchasing a grain silo

Silos are the best way to add value to your grain. Grain storage facilities ensure that harvested goods will preserve the highest quality and allow you to sell grain when the prices in the market will reach their heights. However, it is important to emphasize that acquiring a silo is a significant and long term-investment. Grain silos have a typical working life of around 30+ years, therefore a decision about the grain storage system should be made after thorough calculations and considerations of the farm’s needs. To make the decision-making process easier, Jansen&Heuning prepared a list of important things to consider when investing in a grain silo. Let’s dive into it!

Grain silo size and future growth

It is crucial to consider the size of the operation and storage needed. The amount of grain produced on the farm should be evaluated based on the current situation and the possible growth of the farm. If there is an expected growth of (let’s say) 25% over the next 3 years, it is wise to invest in a silo with 25% more capacity than currently needed. 

However, if you have the space, it is always possible to add another silo in the future. Our advice is to always take into consideration some potential growth when buying a silo, but when you expect to double in size over the next few years, contact us,  so we can make a custom plan that fits your needs.

Location of the grain silo

When choosing a silo, it is important to evaluate whether there is enough space for the silo and where it should be located on the farm. Besides that, it is necessary to consider where the most optimal space is for easy loading and unloading of the grain. To ensure a smooth process, silos must be located in a convenient, easily accessible place, and it should not interfere with other daily farm operations.

Durability of the project

Grain storage should be an investment that will effectively serve for decades. It is essential to evaluate if it is made of high quality, durable and environmentally resistant materials. The most durable ones are made from galvanised steel, like our outdoor silos. Also, properly constructed silos should be secured by anchoring it to the concrete foundation. Persistent designs and thoughtful calculations are the prerequisites for long-term and efficient storage. Don’t worry: we can help you with this!

Aeration of grain

Aeration in the silos is indispensable, because cool, uniform grain conditions that are achieved with effective aeration reduce mold growth, maintain grain quality and slow or stop the insect pest life cycle. Aeration spears or fans can also be used for ventilation after fumigation, thereby reducing the required ventilation periods to meet residue standards.


A silo should be easy to clean when it is empty, thus the internal design such as walls, aeration ducting and perforated flooring. It is useful to consider whether the grain residues will be trapped in the areas that are hard to clean because insect pests can easily breed and live in the residues left in the silos. In such a case, a newly harvested and clean grain can be rapidly infested.

Invest in durable electricity components

Grain silo installations have different components that use electricity as power input, for example the aeration equipment to preserve grain quality or grain conveyors to transport it. Making use of modern components with a high efficiency will reduce the power costs tremendously, making it a better investment. When buying a Jansen&Heuning grain solution, we will help you with the whole process: from the silo itself to aeration, and from grain transportation to electricity solutions.

Investing in a grain silo 

Interested in investing in a grain silo to store your own grain? Please consider the time it takes to realize a grain storage solution. In most cases, the time from the first quotation to the complete and ready-to-use silo installation is around 6-8 months. Therefore, it is best to start the process in autumn, one year before you want your silo installation to be completed for the new harvest season.

Jansen&Heuning is specialised in grain processing and storage. With over 100 years of experience, we know what to consider when investing in grain storage solutions. Fill in a quotation request or contact us if you have any questions regarding the silo installations.

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