Description Aeration spears

Replaces hot air with cool air! Ideal for cooling grain harvested under relatively dry conditions.


  • this device has been tested by an official Danish research institute with the following results: 
    – the spear can cool approximately 100 tons of grain per position
    – measured at a radius of 3 meters the aeration level is still 30 m³ of air per hour per m² surface
    – i
    n a 7,5 meters high silo it was established that after 22 hours the spear had cooled the grain from 18 to 17 degrees at the top and from 28 to 20 degrees at the bottom. This confirms what we already know: the heavier cold air will always descend and replace the lighter warm air. 
  • fan 1,1 kW, 2.800 RPM, output 1.500 tot 1.700 m³ per hour approximately
  • perforated bottom section 1,5 mm
  • complete with accessories for drilling; cable and plug are optional
  • total weight 23,9 kg
  • the standard length of the tube is two meters

The diagram shows the air speed through the grain at different distances to the aeration spear.

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