Manglie N.V.

Sorting installation for rice farm in Suriname

Jansen&Heuning has delivered and installed a sorting installation for Manglie, a rice farm in Suriname. It is not the first project Jansen&Heuning carried out for Manglie; earlier they delivered a transport system for loading fertilizer into airplanes.

In 2021 our engineers delivered an optical sorter ‘Cimbria SEA TRUE’, two elevators of 10 and 12 meters, a self-made pneumatic two-way valve, an exhaust system and all supplies and parts for these machines.

Sorting grains of rice by colour

The optical sorting machine will be used inside the rice. Cameras are used to analyze the colour of each grain of rice individually. With compressed air, each rice grain is then blown into the correct output. The use of the sorter leads to good composition and therefore to a better final product.

The two elevators take care of the supply and discharge of the sorter. The extraction system (fan and cyclone) extracts the dust from the process for the proper operation of the sorting machine.

Optical sorter ‘Cimbria SEA TRUE’

Full service

One of Jansen&Heuning’s strengths is that we can manage the entire process, from quotation to installation. For Manglie the engineering was taken care of by Jansen&Heuning. Subsequently, the right machines were purchased and several parts were developed in-house. After delivery, two mechanics (mechanical and electrical) flew to Paramaribo, Suriname, to supervise the installation process.

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