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Conveying system for wood chips

Primco has recently built a 15 MWth biomass fired heat-powerinstallation in Duiven. Using wood waste from the municipality of Duiven as fuel, this installation produces electricity and heat. THis allow it to supply nearly 4.000 to 7.000 households with electricity and natural gas annually.

Various chain conveyors and a screw conveyor from Jansen&Heuning are part of the installation. Fresh wood chips (bulk density 200-400 kg/m³) are transported to two dryers. A special dosing conveyor distributes the chips evenly between the two dryers. The dried wood chips (bulk density 120-300 kg/m³) are transported through the production hall to three storage bunkers. The total length of the chain conveyors is more than 130 meters. In addition to the mechanical part, the electrical installation including the control system is also part of the scope of the project.

The customer is very pleased with the installation by Jansen&Heuning, especially the proactive way in which the assembly and commissioning is carried out is appreciated. It is expected that Jansen&Heuning will certainly play a role in future projects.

Jochen Görtzen
Primco energy conversion

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