Description Throwing belt

Maximum loading performance on a reduced surface

  • throwing belts can be used for all grains and granulates like fertilizer, salt, etc.
  • throwing belts have proved to work efficiently and reliably
  • Jansen&Heuning has accumulated years of experience with those slinger belts. 
  • ask for a demonstration or short term rental if you are seriously interested in purchasing a throwing belts


The operation of a slinger belt is simple. From the intake hopper the product is conveyed by a rubber belt. This belt has a high speed and throws the product with the help of a special drum till 24 meters away.


For optimal flexibility during filling of the storage a hopper can be supplied. It is placed above the throwing belt. A great advantage of this hopper is that it can be filled with a fork lift truck or front loader. If you are using a belt conveyor the advantage is that this belt conveyor needs not to be placed exactly in the middle of the throwing belt.


A slinger belt is mainly used to fill big storages. Because a large throwing distance is no problem, the slinger belt can be placed far from the backside of the barn. Another advantage is the flexibility. This machine can easily be moved and transported to other locations.

Adjustable throwing height

The height of the heap the throwing belt makes can be stepless adjusted by changing the angle of the throwing belt. Adjusting is easy, because the linking point of the throwing belt is well chosen.

Turning tail

Practically indispensible is the turning table mounted on the support of the throwing belt. The throwing belt can be in the same position, and you can easily change the direction of the beam. The intake hopper will stay in the same position.


  • high capacity resulting from great throwing distances and heights
  • compact construction and easy to move
  • the version in galvanized steel or stainless steel (only JHBW100)guarantees an optimal protection against weather and aggressive products
  • no product loss at the inlet thanks to an integrated funnel
  • easy to use and manoeuverable thanks to straight shaft suspension
  • can be combined with other machines and conveyors
  • many available versions to meet your requirements
  • two speed motor
  • inclusive turning tail for optimal filling

Technical specifications

JHBW 100
JHBW 150
90 m³/h
150 m³/h
throwing distance
13-20 m
12-24 m
drive unit
11 kW
18,5 kW
455 kg
1200 kg
throwing angle
throwing height
8 m
7-8 m

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