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A cell with steel walls provides an excellent solution for storing grain in a barn. This construction uses space very efficiently, and is designed with attention to strength and durability. Jansen & Heuning provides complete solutions for the steel-walled storage of grain.


The storage is constructed out of 50 cm wide corrugated steel plates. The corrugations save on the amount of required materials while maintaining strength. The corrugations maintain a strong wall of 20 cm wide, obsoleting the use of heavy steel columns.

Simple assembly

The assembly of steel walls is simple. After fixing the U-profiles to the floor, the corrugated sheets are mounted inside and stay in place easily.


There are several options available for creating an entrance to the grain storage. One is a segment door, assembled from several parts. The segments may each be lifted separately from each other. Another simple and cheap entry with wooden beams is also possible.

Height of silo walls

  • 3,0 m
  • 3,5 m
  • 4,0 m
  • 4,5 m
  • 5,0 m
  • 5,7 m

Access with wooden beams

width                              height

  • 4,0 m                             3,0 m
  • 5,0 m                             3,0 m
  • 4,0 m                             4,0 m
  • 4,0 m                             5,0 m
  • 5,0 m                             5,0 m

Optimal strength

To ensure optimal strength of the storage, draw bars are mounted on the topside of the profiles.

Conveyor installations grain

In the agricultural sector a conveyor system is often used less intensively compared to the industrial sector. This allows for a lighter conveyor design.


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