Description JHE313 Bucket elevator

In the video you can see the entire manufacturing process at Jansen&Heuning, the transport and assembly at Maltha Glasrecycling in Heijningen (NL) of elevator type JHE313

reference 313
diameter drive/reversing roller A 300
width foot B 620
height foot C 980
height inlet D 980
feeder inlet E 280
axle length foot F 520
height head G 1030
heigth outlet H 860
width head I 860
depth shaft J 200
width shaft K 200
shaft segment length M 3000
number of legs 1 of 2
total length less c.t.c. length 1840
capacity of high capacity buckets (m³/hr at 1 m/s) 27
capacity of synthetic buckets for sand and gravel (m³/hr at 1m/s) 16
all dimensions in mm


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