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Stable two meter high big bags: a filler and shaker station in one

Most big bags are slightly over meters high. But how do you ensure a good big bag filling process and stable big bags when they are almost 2 metres high? With this question, HSR Packaging from Ede (NL) came to Jansen&Heuning. We started working on a smart modification of the existing big bag filling station: a big bag fill- and shake station in one.

The problem: unstable, poorly filled big bags

The big bags at HSR Verpakkingen are almost 2 meters high and are filled with various recycling products. The client noticed that big bags could not be filled fully with the old big bag filling station, because the contents were loosely added to the big bags. In addition, they noticed that the filled big bags did not stand very stable on the pallets, which is necessary with big bags of almost 2 meters high.

The solution: bigbag shaking and filling station in one

Jansen&Heuning designed a modification of the existing big bag filling stations by adding a big bag shaking system. This filling and shaking station lifts the big bags during the filling process and then drops them back down. This way, the recycling products are constantly being pushed down, allowing more space for more filling.

The result

  • Each big bag can now fit 40 kg more material;
  • Big bags are more stable on the pallets, making them safer to transport.

“Very satisfied with the solution of Jansen&Heuning”

HSR Verpakkingen is very satisfied with the new installation. “We use the big bag shaker every day. The system is easy to use and very low-maintenance. Thanks to the adjustments in the filling station, we now use 2-metre high big bags that fit exactly into a container. Thanks to the shaker system, 40 kg more content fits into big bags, and we have achieved an optimal filling process.”

“In addition, big bags are now a lot more stable than before and they stay nicely on a pallet, even though they are almost 2 meters high. We are very satisfied with this smart solution from Jansen&Heuning.”

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