Spreading cabinets for precision castings

Jansen&Heuning from Groningen has developed a series of spreading boxes for CIREX, a producer of precision castings. The innovative intsallations contribute to optimizing the production process and improving the quality of the cast, steel and metal components.

Steel and metal foundry CIREX bv manufactures complex components for global industry; from knife heads and pump parts to transport wheels and sensor housing. These are often high-tech components that must comply with class D3 tolerances, as laid down in the internationally recognized German standard VDG-P690. CIREX uses the ‘lost wax model’ method to produce the precision castings.

Wax Tree

One of the many process steps in the ‘lost wax model’ method is that a ‘wax tree’ -which consists of a series of was  molds-is coated with a ceramic layer, to eventually arrive at a cast result. The wax tree is imersed in a slurry, raised and then dusted with a ceramic powder (a type of sand), followed by a drying process. This is a cycle that repeats itself seven to nine times. Finally a refractory, ceramic mantle is formed around the was moulds. This process step is carried out fully automatically by robots.

Spreading cabinets

The spreading of the wax trees with ceramics powder takes place in spreader cabinets. Jansen&Heuning has developed these cabinets in close cooperation with CIREX. Each of these cabinets has an unloading station for big bags that supply the cabinet with the ceramic powder. The powder that does not end up in the mantle of the wax tree and is therefore surplus to requirements, is sieved and reused. An elevator is used for this recirculation. Except for the hanging of the big bag, the complete process is automated.


As a partner of CIREX, Jansen&Heuning has now built three types of spreader cabinets. This has further optimized the production process and improved the product quality. Jansen&Heuning is currently working on a project to upgrade two earlier types to the latest state of the art.


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