Cosun Beet Company

Screw conveyor for sugar processing company

Jansen&Heuning designed a screw conveyor to transport sugar for sugar beet company Cosun in Hoogkerk. Cosun Beet Company aims to be the greenest and the most innovative sugar beet processor in the world and our engineers got a chance to contribute to this goal.

The sugar is transported to the silos with a transportation system. All sugar is stored in four large silos where each silo is divided into 3 compartments: the core, the inner ring and the outer ring. These compartments are filled evenly.

Formerly, the silos were filled using a mobile conveyor belt, however, such a system is never 100% clean and is sensitive to errors. Therefore, our engineers designed a rotating screw conveyor. The screw rests on a slewing ring and a wheelset in the middle, that moves the machine around.

The screw conveyor has a diameter of 800 mm and is completely made of stainless steel 304. The filling capacity is approximately 150 tonnes/hour. With a length of 13 meter, this is a unique screw conveyor.

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