Bökkers Mölle, Olst (NL)

New elevator for miller in Olst

In the Netherlands, a few mills are still in operation. Bökkers Mölle in Olst is one of the mills that is used actively. Various types of grain are grinded into flour. Jansen&Heuning recently delivered a new installation.

“The old elevator and storage were completely worn and needed to be replaced. That is why we asked Jansen&Heuning to install an elevator with three silos. The new elevator, which is over 18 meters long, brings the grain to the silo at the second floor of the windmill. Here the product is crushed. Crushed grain grinds easier than regular cereal grains. The elevator then transports the crushed grain to the upper part of the mill. The grain is stoed there in two silos of approximately 1000 kg each. In these silos, the product can be grinded into flour, powered by the wind. 

The cooperation was very pleasant and direct, making agreements went smoothly and the delivery was at the agreed time.”

Bastiaan Bökkers
Molenaar Bökkers Mölle

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