Farm manager from Blijham invests in 590 ton grain storage

Last year, farm manager Waalkens from Blijham decided to invest in a grain storage of 590 ton. His old grain warehouse in the barn was not sufficient anymore and became too small for his grain harvest.

The farm manager from Blijham came to Jansen&Heuning because he heard positive stories from his colleagues. Also on fairs and in advertisements in trade magazines, the name Jansen&Heuning was regularly acknowledged.

“The collaboration with Jansen&Heuning went well and also the silo is as desired. The ”teething pains” were quickly removed and as a result everything ran smoothly during the harvest season.”

The filling of the silo goes fast with 60 tons per hour. “The convenience lies in the operations required to fill the silo. The movable bin is easily driven under the tipper, which makes it very user-friendly. The tippers are also quickly gone.” 

The overall impression of Mr. Waalkens is very good. The video below shows the ease of filling the silo.

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