Description Telescopic aeration ducts

On floor aeration is a fine solution, but has a disadvantage, that the front loader can be damaged during storage. Telescopic aeration ducts can be pulled in. This enables you to take out the grain without having to worry about damaging the ducts. Normally the distances between the aeration ducts are determined by the width of the loader bucket. When using telescopic aeration ducts smaller distances are possible.

Execution and scope of supply

  • can be supplied in standard lengths from 4 till 30 m in steps of 2 m
  • suitable till heights of storage of max. 5 m
  • can be used for rape seed also
  • perforation percentage over the full length 22%
  • extension afterwards is possible by the modular system
  • easily pulling out of the telescopic pipe on the floor with a steel wire
  • including steel wire for pulling out the ducts
  • connection to fan Ø300 mm
  • as option above 22 m a Ø400 mm connection to the fan is possible

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