Description Granomat Plus grain moisture meter

The Granomat plus is used to accurately determine the moisture and hectolitre weight of various cereals. Through the user-friendly operating screen and the built-in printer, measurements can be easily processed and samples taken can be immediately labelled with the measured values and properties.

The Granomat plus is suitable for the following cereals: field beans, spelt (without husk), durum, peas, barley, oats, maize, rapeseed, rye, soya beans, sunflower, triticale, wheat and sorghum.

Granomat plus: measuring moisture and weight of grain

The user places the 600ml sample taken into the Granomat plus. On the control screen, the user then indicates which settings to use for the measurement. The measurement is then started automatically by pressing the appropriate product symbol. After 15 seconds, the sample results are displayed and the corresponding receipt can be printed. The Granomat plus can also transfer the measurement data directly to the computer via an internet connection or can be transferred later via a USB stick.

Advantages Granomat plus grain moisture meter

  • Simple determination of the moisture content and hectolitre weight of the most common cereals
  • User-friendly operation via colour screen
  • Measurement results in 15 seconds
  • With integrated thermal printer network connection
  • USB interface for connecting a barcode reader or a USB stick


  • Measuring cup
  • Power cable
  • Cleaning accessories
  • Five rolls of printing paper

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