Description Hopper silo outdoor

The BM outdoorsilo is a square, modulair built silo for storage of dry materials.

All of the sidepanels of the silo have external flanges with set edges that seal the horizontal connections. The flanges and the robust rubber strips ensure that the silo is completely sealed.

The silo is dimensioned for a wind speed of Vb = 27 m / s and a snow load of Sk = 0.9 kN / m².

Measurements (mm) Height (m) Content (ton)
1550 x 1550 2.14 – 6.69 0.64 – 5.67
2050 x 2050 2.32 – 7.12 1.60 – 10.87
2550 x 2550 2.95 – 13.30 3.19 – 37.73
3000 x 3000 3.31 – 14.13 5.24 – 55.29

The hopper is available with two different angles. The 45 ° hopper is suitable for easily flowing materials (grain feed, grain and wood pellets). The matching drain is 300×300 mm. The 60 ° hopper is suitable for materials that do not flow easily. The drain is 500×500 mm and has two shut-off valves of 250×500 mm. With the help of the two closing gates, virtually nothing remains in the silo.


  • Good internal hygiene, optimum drainage and a long service life due to construction from galvanized panels.
  • Cleaning under high pressure is possible.
  • The silo is adjustable in height.
  • The cyclone top is protected by a rain cover. For processing dusty materials, the rain cover can be replaced with a vent pipe along the silo.


  • 45 ° roof with cyclone
  • Filling pipe
  • Dump coupling
  • Inspection door with window
  • Manually operated shut-off slide
  • Bolts for fixing to ground


  • Stainless steel
  • Jacks or lift instead of filling system



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