FIBCs are increasingly used as a flexible storage system. The tanker lorry transports the product from storage to the customers Silo. With simply and advanced FIBC bulkers you can granted your requirements for controlezeving, ontijzering, e.d.


  • type of steel:
    • mild steel
    • stainless steel for the parts which are in contact with the product
  • connected to the tanker lorry with a simple hose or loading bellow
  • with or without dust filter (with rotating valve below flotter for redirecting the collected dust or a dust collecting hopper)
  • FIBC discharge station, if needed with vibrating motors
  • hangers for FIBCs, so the fork lift truck does not have to wait for the FIBC to empty
  • screening:
    • rotating screen for fine check sieving (mesh from 300 microns)
    • vibrating screen for check sieving (mesh from 4 mm and higher)
  • fixed on place or mobile
  • hydraulic height adjustment to enable transporting the machine with a normal lorry

Other special executions on request

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