Description Belt conveyors – light duty

A belt conveyor is a powerful, flexible solution for transporting bulk goods. Since it was invented, the belt conveyor has proven itself in numerous industries. They are low-maintenance, energy-efficient, reliable and can be used for a huge range of applications.

Type JHB500 JHB650
Belt width 500 mm 650 mm
Frame width 550 mm 750 mm

When is a belt conveyor suitable?

The belt conveyor is a popular choice because it is used in all kinds of situations. A belt conveyor is suitable:

  • To transport large capacities of bulk goods
  • To transport bulk goods over long distances
  • When you want to elevate bulk products
  • For almost all products

Finally, the belt conveyor is very suitable if you are looking for an energy-efficient transport solution. By using quality components, a belt conveyor has little resistance (as the product is carried by a conveyor belt running on rollers with bearings). As a result, energy consumption is low. The larger the volume, the more economical it becomes.

The JH calculation program enables you to calculate the costs of a conveying system for your specific situation. Fill in the required fields with your own data and the program will calculate the conveying system that best suits your needs.

Available options

  • constructed with galvanized metal sheeting or stainless steel
  • frame sections available in lengths of 1.500 mm, 2.500 mm and 3.000 mm
  • drive with slip-on motor reduction gear case or drum motor
  • rubber or PVC belt, in the version selected by the customer
  • twin-roll support idlers, trough angle 20º, idler diameter 63 mm or 89 mm
  • glide support for the belt
  • version with flat belt available
  • spacing support idlers 125 mm, 250 mm, 375 mm, etc
  • spacing return idlers 500 mm, 1.000 mm, 1.500 mm etc.
  • fastening material in galvanized steel (8.8) or stainless steel
  • support legs with cross bracing, reinforcements and base plates
  • scraper with adjustable plastic blade and tension elements
  • delivered completely assembled or in parts, depending on the customer’s wishes

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