Pigs company Rientjes

Working efficiently with own grain storage

Pigs company Rientjes from Raalte was already familiar with Jansen&Heuning when, in 2019, they decided they wanted to invest in a double grain storage of 800 tons each.

Rientjes aimed to work as efficiently as possible with as minimal transport, to do this they decided they wanted to be able to store their own grain, and grain from the region itself. “I already knew Jansen&Heuning, and I continued to follow them through articles and the internet,” says Rientjes. Rientjes decided to go for his own grain storage in order to work as efficiently as possible within his company. After frequent contact with Jansen&Heuning, a 1,600-ton grain storage facility was chosen.

“The cooperation was very pleasant. They thought with us about our specific wishes for this installation. Despite the fact that the construction was delayed due to the corona virus, everything was done so that we were still able to store the new harvest in the silos; we succeeded.”

With a filling rate of 60 tons per hour, the grain goes from the landfill into the silos at a rapid pace. “It has become a user-friendly installation. The grain can be stored well without a lot of dust and vermin.”

Rientjes is very satisfied: “I am happy that I chose these silos from Jansen&Heuning. The preparation and execution went smoothly. Also in the aftercare and providing knowledge on the use of the installation Jansen&Heuning is very strong.” With an installation that meets all expectations, Rientjes’ is extremely satisfied.



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