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Chain conveyor

A chain conveyor is a robust and fully enclosed bulk conveyor. A chain with elongated scrapers slides over a bottom of the trough, taking a layer of product with it. This type of conveyor is used to transport bulk goods both horizontally, upwards and vertically.

When is a chain conveyor suitable?

The system can be used for a variety of bulk goods. Think powders, foodstuffs, waste products and more. The advantages:

  • completely closed, with no dust emissions
  • usually for relatively longer distances
  • multiple filling and unloading points
  • bi-directional transport
  • volumetric dosing at each infeed point
  • moistening
  • high temperatures are possible
  • in straight, Z-shaped and C-shaped versions

About Jansen&Heuning

Jansen&Heuning has been manufacturing installations for storage and bulk handling since 1901. Creative solutions for bulk handling are designed and built in The Netherlands and installed all over the world. Key success factors are our in-house engineering, dedicated employees and down-to-earth approach. We think along with our customers and come up with reliable standard products and professional, custom-made solutions.

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Advantages chain conveyor

  • Lower energy consumption than a screw conveyor
  • Long service life
  • Low noise level
  • Low maintenance and reliable

A durable and reliable chain conveyor

Many options are available to tailor the chain conveyor to your needs. We almost always fit the bottom of the trough with wear-resistant plastic. This increases the lifetime, lowers noise levels and reduces power consumption. Jansen&Heuning chain conveyors also offer excellent control of dust emissions by creating negative pressure with a small spot filter that feeds the suctioned dust directly back into the chain conveyor.

Calculate your own conveyor system

Do you want to know which system is right for you? With the Jansen&Heuning calculation tool you can calculate yourself (for free!) which product suits best.

Is the chain conveyor not the ideal solution for your situation? Then take a look at our belt conveyors, screw conveyors and bucket elevators. Or contact us. We will look for a solution together.

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