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Chain conveyor (3)

By using durable plastic on the bottom of the trough the working life is increased, the sound level and power consumption are reduced. Dust emissions are with a chain conveyor perfectly under control.

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Chains and trough

  • number and type of carriers depending on the product and on the inclination
  • with cleaning strips for self-cleaning capability
  • (rupture)strength of chain depending on power and speed
  • return buckets welded on the chain for a good end-to-end cleaning of the trough
  • trough with synthetic bottom or wearing strip
  • choice of materials for trough and chain: Steel 37, C45, stainless steel, manganese steel, etc
  • adjustable shaft of the reversing roller for tension adjustments

In- and outlets

  • direct inlet or with capacity adjustment valve and intermediate bottom
  • several control options (manual, electro-pneumatic, electric


  • with intermediate bottom for transport in two directions
  • framework for RPM monitoring sensor on the reversing roller
  • overflow prevention

The JH calculation program enables you to calculate the costs of a conveying system for your specific situation. Fill in the required fields with your own data and the program will calculate the costs of the conveying system that best suits your needs.


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