Pickup units

As the inventor of the pickup units, Jansen&Heuning still has the largest market share in that field. No wonder - quality machines are approved by their users day after day. The pickup units hardly damage potatoes, they need little maintanance, cause very few malfunctions and they are easy to operate and properly working. All aspects that are important for a successful business. By now, thousands of machines have been provided by Jansen&Heuning all over the world.

action 01 T60L

pickup units suitable for 

  • potatoes
  • onions
  • carrots
  • chicory
  • grain
  • all other granular products, provided that they do not stick

standard with

    • energy chains
      energy chains, mounted directly on the machine, replace the previous antenna that could be troublesome when emptying small cells.
    • hydraulic chassis
      for easy height-adjustment
    • snout
      The specially shaped snout makes shure that the tire stays on track. Because of that the lifetime of the tire is enormously extended. 



 type   T40L  T60L  T60S 
 capacity up to (ton/u)    50  80  80
 width pickup belt    400  550  550
 width telescope belt    450  600  600
 operating range ( m²) A  130  170  250
 length pickup truck B  2870  3300  3390
 telescope retracted C  3800  4200  4080
 telescope extended    6650  7480  9260
 length extention    2850  3280  5180
 max. machine height D  1320  1500  1500
 max. height telescope E  1130  1110  1110
 max. width F  957  1080  1080
 belt speed pickup (m/s)    0,84  0,56  0,56
 belt speed telescope (m/s)    1,0  1,0  1,0
 drive vehicel (kW)    2x0,55  2x1,1  2x1,1
 drive pickup belt (kW)    0,75  1,5  1,5
 drive telescope belt (kW)    1,5 2,2  2,2
 weight pickup belt(kg)   450 750 760
 weight telescope belt (kg)   415 570 1050
 all measurements in mm    




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  • moveable shields
    no more problems with thresholds and uneven floors
  • automatic stop switch
    Both belts will be deactivated when the discharge floots, but is possible to drive 

special designs

 options T40L T60L T60S
moveable side shields - v standaard
limit switch v v v
remote control v v v
wireless remote control v v v
two speed drum motor mp v v v
grain version T60L-T60S - v v
T60L force enlarger - v -
onions grab (supplied separately) - v v
onions grab mounted on T60L - T60S - v v
scraper pickup belt T40L v - -
scraper pickup belt T60L - T60S - v v
scraper telescopebelt T40L v - -
scraper telescopebelt T60L - T60S - v v


used machines

seriematige productie T40telescope wheelskabel en staalkabelaandrijving met trommelmotor-kabelrups telescoopaction03t60l.jpg