Eurosilo (ESI)

Screw conveyors for gypsum silo project in Serbia

Jansen&Heuning recently delivered the screw conveyors for the gypsum silo project of Eurosilo (ESI) in Serbia. ESI has a silo solution that combines three logistic functions at the smalles possible footprint: dewatering, storage and load out. And all that fully automatically.

The filling screws, screw frames, excavating and spreader screw (see photo below) and the eviscerating screw are manufactured by us on the basis of demanding productions specifications.

Some screws have a special non stick coating. In addition, the construction is provided with a special paint system. In short, a high-quality product that fits perfectly with the competences of Jansen&Heuning.

The video below shows the perfectly balanced distribution screw in our factory.




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