Description Discharge Bulkcarriers

Quick loading out of a walking floor bulk carrier is now possible. Jansen&Heuning developed a quick foldable conveyor which runs at 200 m³ per hour and releases at big height.

Completely unit suitable for a trailer with discharge valves for unloading bulk products.

For the quick and safe unloading of a bulktrailer.


  • detachable unit which can be hooked and bolted to your trailer
  • max. width (incl. folded arm): 2.550 mm
  • max. height (incl. folded arm): 4.000 mm

Folding system of the chain conveyor

  • 4 hydraulic cylinders, 2 at each side
  • stroke length ca. 200 to 400 mm

Chain system

Chain type link chain with flights
Height of fligths ca. 45 mm
Width ca. 800 to 1.000 mm
pitch between flights ca. 500 mm
Speed ca. 1 m/s, to be determined
glide plate HMPE
Drive motor hydromotor
Pressure 200 bar (peak 225)
Flow ca. 30 liter/minute
Power untill 12,5 kW
Rotational speed max. 750 rpm



Painting system according to the client’s wishes.

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