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The Drying of grain is achieved by guiding a flow of warm air through a layer of grain. Moisture in the grain will be absorbed and then carried away by the warm air. This process can be realized in several ways. Depending on your situation Jansen&Heuning offers you several alternatives accompanied by the necessary technical and economical calculations.

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What should we know

Upgrading your grain to sowing seed, malting barley or baking wheat is a very profitable business. Storing your own grain? Why not, just make sure that the grain is stored under the proper conditions. For wheat and oats these are 16% humidity and a temperature of 12ÂșC. Do you want to know more about storing grain wisely? Ask Jansen&Heuning for more information.

The four main advantages of grain drying

  • long-term storage without loss of quality
  • reduces weight loss caused by natural respiration
  • no development of micro organisms with toxic side effects (DON!)
  • minimizes the effects of pests

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