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Control equipment

Measuring is the knowledge and it is certainly concerned the thoughtful storage of grain. Jansen&Heuning has got much knowledge and experience in this area and for those who are interested in it Jansen&Heuning has a book at its disposal that fully describes it. Jansen&Heuning delivers grain moisture meters, hygrometers, temperature measuring rods and temperature monitoring systems. Jansen&Heuning knows appropriate answers to your questions in this area.

About Jansen&Heuning

Jansen&Heuning has been manufacturing installations for storage and bulk handling since 1901. Creative solutions for bulk handling are designed and built in The Netherlands and installed all over the world. Key success factors are our in-house engineering, dedicated employees and down-to-earth approach. We provide our customers with proven standard products and professional, custom-made solutions.

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