Engineering/ATEX advice

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Engineering/ATEX advice

Jansen&Heuning is regularly asked to carry out studies on certain problems or planned investments. Together with the customer, we define the programme of requirements. We devise the layout for the process drawn up together with/by the customer. Calculating transport installations and strength calculations is part of this. Dust problems, in combination with bulk handling, are the order of the day. ATEX risk analyses can be part of a study; for this too, Jansen&Heuning has specialists in-house.

We provide specifications, layout drawings, a list of recommendations and a substantiated budget. No ifs and buts, no reservations, just expert knowledge translated into advice that can be applied directly for you.

About Jansen&Heuning

Jansen&Heuning has been manufacturing installations for storage and bulk handling since 1901. Creative solutions for bulk handling are designed and built in The Netherlands and installed all over the world. Key success factors are our in-house engineering, dedicated employees and down-to-earth approach. We think along with our customers and come up with reliable standard products and professional, custom-made solutions.

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