„New elevator buckets; what a result you get!“

Recently, Jansen&Heuning recommended Betonmortelbedrijven Cementbouw about durable elevator buckets. The company has passed from 90 to 550 smaller buckets, which has contributed to the capacity of the 24 meter long elevator.

„We have used the elevator for two weeks now and it runs fantastically. It took some time to get used during assembly because the buckets are very small and we had to mount many of them, but what a result you get! 

The capacity is amply sufficient, but even better is the fact that the elevator throws the material with a nice arch at the oulet. Before, the elevator threw the material against the head of the elevator, which resulted in additional wear. That has stopped now. 

Also the buckets are emptied better and no material sticks in the buckets anymore. This saves maintenance time of the elevator. 

In short: a big success!

Thank you for th einformation and the quick delivery of the materials, and see you next ….  (although I hope it will not be for the elevator in Rotterdam, because that one should be good to use for a while).“

Head of production, Robert Roks
Betonmortelbedrijven Cementbouw, Rotterdam (NL)


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