февраль 2019

"New elevator buckets; what a result you get!"

Recently, Jansen&Heuning recommended Betonmortelbedrijven Cementbouw about durable elevator buckets. The company has passed from 90 to 550 smaller buckets, which has contributed to the capacity of the 24 meter long elevator.  

"We have used the elevator for two weeks now and it runs fantastically. It took some time to get used during assembly because the buckets are very small and we had to mount many of them, but what a result you get! 

The capacity is amply sufficient, but even better is the fact that the elevator throws the material with a nice arch at the oulet. Before, the elevator threw the material against the head of the elevator, which resulted in additional wear. That has stopped now. 

Also the buckets are emptied better and no material sticks in the buckets anymore. This saves maintenance time of the elevator. 

In short: a big success!

Thank you for th einformation and the quick delivery of the materials, and see you next ....  (although I hope it will not be for the elevator in Rotterdam, because that one should be good to use for a while)."

Head of production, Robert Roks
Betonmortelbedrijven Cementbouw, Rotterdam (NL)



январь 2019

Important contribution to energy transition phase II

The 300 meter long conveyor belts are in full swing. The belts with a capacity of 1600 m³ will be put into use shortly by the power plant of RWE. On the pictures the conveyor belts with a view of the Eemshaven. 


январь 2019

Production under control at Jansen&Heuning

We may have implemented the "largest" Shop Floor Control system in the Netherlands. Our people are proud that with a touch screen of no less than 165 cm, all current production orders can be processed clearly and independently. 

Our professionals see at a glance which order have priority and which orders are ready to start with. Also the reporting of completed orders is possible with this screen, whereby the order status in our ERP system has become real-time.  

Due to the selfproduced extension of specific information to the ERP software, it has become easy to operate. 

Another step towards producting more LEAN! 


ноябрь 2018

Prefab silos offer many advantages

Jansen&Heuning has installed a 16 meter high silo in Hoogezand (NL) within 8 hours. This was possible, because the silo was completely designed in 3D and prefabricated with laser-cut parts. But also because the silo was aligned and installed with a top team of three mechanics and professionals of Mammoet. As such, the total construction could continue undisturbed. The silo with a capacity of 180 tons is part of a new kiln system. Our client NEG Glass Fiber will start to use the silo soon to increase the producten of high-quality glass fibers. 


ноябрь 2018

Quick replacement chain conveyors

Tate & Lyle bought a series of chain conveyors from Jansen&Heuning in 2003 for filling their soaking tubs with corn. In continuous operation the chain conveyors have transported thousands of tons of corn, which caused some wear after 15 years. 

Replacement by stainless steel was possible, but had to be performed in just 2,5 days due to the great pressure on production. The four Jansen&Heuning mechanics managed to do this within the set time by working hard, using their experience and of course an optimal preparation. 


октябрь 2018

Project feed mill Saudi Arabia phase III

The project has been completed. Colleague Jur Lommerts recently went to Saudi Arabia to view the built feed mill, that feeds 70.000 cows every day. On the picture you can see the two paddle mixers, dosing auger (2 pictures), elevator heads, discharge screw drive side and the new feed mill as a whole. 













октябрь 2018

With four sailing boats on the "Fryske Marren"


On Tuesday, October 2, we hoisted the sails of four big sailing boats. After a company visit and lunch, we thought we could relax on the boat. Unfortunately. We were responsible for the boat and ropes ourselves. The battle started on the Frisian lake de Fluessen. Whoever won, will we leave as a question... Luckily, we could to relax when the eel was smoked. The day ended with a typical Dutch buffet. 


октябрь 2018

Important contribution to energy transition phase I

The conveyor belts designed and produced by Jansen&Heuning are transported to the Eemshaven with Convoi Exeptionnel. There they are used for the sustainable use of the power plant of RWE. Herewith up to 20% biomass (wood chips) can be added as sustainable fuel for the 2 power generators, each with a power of more than 700 MegaWatt. These belts are in total 300 meters long and have a capacity of 1600 m³ per hour. 

We are proud that we, as a company from Groningen, can make an important contribution to this energy transition! 


Aвгуст 2018

Safe working conditions

All too often dangerous situations have arisen over time. Not intentionally, but sometimes safety is compromised by other priorities or lack of knowledge. 

When visiting a customer, we found platforms and stairs that did not comply with the CE directive. 

It is a matter for the customer if he made it himself like this. However, you should not think about what the consequences are if an accident happens. As an employer you are fully responsible. 

On the photo you see a few examples of an old and a new situation. Looks a lot better, right? 


 Old situation 







 New situation 




 Old situation 






 New situation 

июль 2018

De Winter is ready for the harvest


A BIN1001 outdoor silo has been installed at arable farm and poultry farm De Winter in Appingedam. Due to a fire in 2015, the former grain storage has been lost. The new grain silo has a capacity of about 700 tons, filling and emptying goes at a speed of 60 tons per hour. In order to dry the wheat a steering system has been installed. De Winter uses a large amount of the wheat as feed for his chickens. 

Jaap de Winter: "An outdoor silo is the perfect type of storage for me. I feed my own wheat to the chickens and I do not want to risk salmonella contamination. Because mice and birds can not enter the silo, this risk is zero and I think that is a big advantage. Another advantage is that I am rid of the dust. All in all, I am very satisfied and have had a pleasant cooperation with Jansen&Heuning".

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