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The DM6 hammer mill is a newly developed mill for grinding livestock feed. The supply to the hammer mill is frequency-controlled, so the supply will be constant. The advantage of this is the optimally used of engine power.The discharge can be controlled by a small screw below the mill, with an optional separate filter for removal of dust and hot air. The capacity for wheat to 4 tons/hour.


rotor with suction effect to 4 tons/hour

The material is sucked into the center of the rotor, where it is distributed evenly over the sieve. Then the product is cooled during the grinding process, to avoid heating. The mechanical transport to and from the mill in combination with the suction effect provide the best possible reduction with a low energy and limmited heating of the product.


The hammers are made of durable, hardened steel and are also available with wear resistant material. The original hammers have a long lifetime and trouble-free operation; each hammer is checked for quality.


The mill is available with two different types of sieve; a wire sieve or a plate sieve. The wire sieve is made of woven steel and has a slightly higher capacity than the plate sieve.
The plate sieve is completely flat with round holes. The lifetime of a sieve plate is slightly longer as a wire sieve. The capacity depends on the size of the sieve, the product and the moisture content. The standard mill processes products with a moisture content up to 20%. Sieve perforation available from Ø1,0 mm till 15x15 mm. 

capacity in kg/hour (power 7,5 tot 22 kW)

product 4,0 mm plate sieve  3,15 mm wire sieve
barley 950 - 2300 1200 - 4000
wheat 1250 - 4200 1250 -4200
oats 350 - 1400 500 - 1800
maize 1605- 5300 1950 - 6500
The capacity depends on type of sieve, motor, moisture content and type of product.


motor 7,5 - 11,0 - 15,0 - 18,5 - 22 kW (2800 rPM)
survace sieve 2.700 cm²
type of sieve plate sieve (Ø) or wire sieve (◊)
number of hammers 28
noise level about 85 Db (A)
weight 205 - 245 - 255 - 270 - 315 kg
capacity 350 - 6500 kg/h
The capacity of milling of moist product decreases by 5% each time the moisture content increases by 1%.