FIBC's, also called "bigbags", are in many situations an excellent way of storing and transporting bulk goods: they are cheap, flexible and traceable. However, their size does not make them very practical. Filling and unloading them requires comparatively a lot of time and effort.

bigbag Avebe TAK eiwit

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Jansen & Heuning's JHFUS unloads with a minimum of effort and time even those products with the most unfavourable flowing characteristics.

  • fast unloading of products with even the most unfavourable flowing characteristics
  • shaking with a large amplitude for best results
  • solid construction for an extended trouble-free lifetime
  • low investment costs, low energy consumption, easy to install

A simple pneumatic shaking device forces the product to flow. The discharge nozzle is easily accessible and ergonomically designed.

  • powder coating in the colour Ral 9010
  • steel assembly 
  • unloading disc 
  • pneumatic shaking device 
  • control system with programmable timer 
  • on/off switch 
  • packaged and delivered on a pallet
bigbag JHFCUaan de lepels van de heftruck