September 2017

"We built a new product together"

Lamico supplies durable wooden panels to construction markets and stair constructors and delivers solid glued-laminated panels to the cheese industry.

The company has a glue station and various conveyors, purchased from Jansen&Heuning. These are an indispensable link in the fully automated production process. Since 1999, Jansen&Heuning has been a supplier of Lamico and since then several small and large projects have been realized.

Chief Technical Service Douwe de Haan: “The collaboration with Jansen&Heuning was good. We actually wanted to finish the projects too quickly so that production would not be interrupted for a long time. If you have the drawings in March and you want it ready in June, that is asking for trouble. It is not a car that is produced by default, but a new and specific product. That’s why something went wrong, but I did not think it was the mistake of Jansen&Heuning. It is a combination. You set up a new product as a customer and supplier.“

“The first street fully meets our expectations. There were some mistakes but Jansen&Heuning addressed them properly. We did a proposal and Jansen&Heuning made the drawing. In theory this seemed to be correct, but in practice it often goes different. Pretty logical, because it is new and focused on a specific product. We also ordered the second street at Jansen&Heuning. Unfortunately, the improvements of the first street were not included in the drawing of the second street. We have repaired this ourselves. All in all, we learned a lot about it.”

“Next time we want to give the machine factory more time to design and produce. It was all very short now.”

Lamico is satisfied with their current property in the factory. The company has expanded its production capacity to  60.000 m3 end product per year over time.