November 2016

Every modern company needs grain technique

The Agriculture Farm Knottnerus in Nieuwolda (NL) invested in 2014 in a grain storage of 900 tons, consisting of two outdoor silos. Both are provided with a perforated aeration floor and one is carried out with a drying installation. The filling and unloading capacity is 60 ton per hour.

''Actually, every modern business has to use this grain technique. The silos offer tranquility in busy periods. Every morning during the harvest, I take a look in the silos and the rest of the day I can concentrate on other tasks. The controller is easy to operate. When I am unexpectedly from home for a long time, I can call any person to manage the silos.

To prevent subsidence in the former storehouse and to use the space efficiently, we have switched to the outdoor silos. One silo is provided with two grain mixers for active drying of the grain in the silo, the other silo is used for the part of the crop which came already dry from the field. The wheat which comes out of the silos is of good quality. Everything is functioning satisfactorily.’’

Meneer Knottnerus maakt gebruik van de eenvoudig te bedienen schakelkast met op de achtergrond zijn bezit.