Flexible auger

Angaben zum Produkt
NameFlexible auger

BM Flexible auger 75 mm ensures direct and efficient conveying - even between buildings. The maximum conveying length is 60 metres, but the number of bends and/or the texture and density of the conveyed material may reduce the maximum length.
At a specific gravity exceeding 650kg/m³ we recommend an engine with power requirements for double length.

Jansen&Heuning offer three different flexible augers: 

Flexible auger - 75 mm 

Auger      Model         Shape Exterior       Interior        
  75  Rond        54 mm 38 mm
  75 Rond 52 mm 32 mm 
Pipes Exterior      Interior              Material                 
  75 mm 61,4 mm Plastic  
  75 mm 67,8 Staal   


Flexibele vijzel - 90 mm

Auger      Model Shape Exterior    Interior         
  90 Plat 60 mm 40 mm
Pipes    Exterior      Interior             Material             
  90 mm 73,6 mm Plastic   


Flexibele vijzel - 125 mm 

Auger      Model         Shape                Exterior        Interior        
  125 Rond 88 mm 68 mm
  125 Plat 100 mm 70 mm
Pipes Exterior    Interior     Material  
  125 mm 108,6 mm Plastic  
  125 mm 108,6 mm Plastic   


The spiral flight is available in round and flat versions with different pitches, depending on the model type and material to be handled.

The pipes and bends normally come in durable PEH. The black PEH pipes are flexible and are impact resistan. All piping consists of straight pipes and fixed bends assembled by means of sleeves. Alternatively, we supply white PVC pipes and bends. The PVC pipes are rigid and dimensionally stable, facilitating better pipe suspension.

The drive can be fitted at the inlet or the discharge end. For long augers or demanding materials it may be necessary to fit motors at both ends. The drive is available with a worm gear motor.

The inlet measures 300x300 mm and has two vertical sides which offer the largest possible inlet length. It matches all BM silo outlets, either directly or via a 500x500 mm to 300x300 mm adaptor.

The discharge can be mounted at a 45° or 90° angle using a Ø 100, Ø 150 or OK-160 flange.

Wood and beet pellets can be conveyed using a special flexible auger. Max. length for this auger: 18 metres.

Optional equipment 
Additional outlets and discharge pipes in a range of dimensions can be supplied. We also offer a wide range of adaptors and cover panels that allow the auger feed unit to be mounted on an existing silo.