Belt conveyor, width 500 mm/5,7 m - i038

Angaben zum Produkt
ProduktgruppeFördergeräte (gebraucht)
NameBelt conveyor, width 500 mm/5,7 m - i038
Artikel-Nummerinruil 038
belt width 500 mm
belt type glad, PVC
belt speed 0.513 m/s
length 5700 mm c.t.c. rollers
drive hollow shaft gear motor
- power 1.5 kW
- speed 49 RPM
- manufacturer SEW
- isolation class IP54
- backstop no
driving roller  Ø200 mm
keertrommel Ø200 mm
top section double through  
- trough angle 25°
- trough rolls  Ø50 mm, c.t.c. 600 mm under filling c.t.c. 300 mm
return rolls  Ø50 mm
- number 3
- steel support rings  no 
belt tension adjustment for tensioning and control, the belt can be adjusted by reversing roller spindels
filling yes, board thickness 3 mm
belt body seamless
support no
assembly completely assembled and ready
color  RAL6019