Bandförderer - i015

Angaben zum Produkt
ProduktgruppeFördergeräte (gebraucht)
NameBandförderer - i015
Artikel-Nummerinruil 015
Belt width 455 mm
Belt type polyester nylon belt, smooth
Belt speed 0,88 m/s
Length 6500 mm
Drive-unit motor reduction with chain conveyor 10/15 cm
Power 2.2 kW
Drive roller 84 rPM
Manufacture Nord
Isolation class IP55 230/400 volt
Return blocker no
Head drive pulley steel section Ø240 mm, bulged coated with lami slip
Reversing roller steel section Ø160 mm, bulged, smooth
Top section surface supported by steel rollers Ø50 mm centre-to-centre spacing 250 mm
Return section return rolls centre-to-centre spacing 1400 mm, rolls Ø50 mm,
steel support rings Ø120 mm
Belt tension adjustment for tensioning and control, the belt can be adjusted by reversing roller spindels
Inlet no
Side guidance yes, along the full length of the belt conveyor, height 200 mm
Discharge chute no
Belt cleaning no
Belt body seamless
Assembly completely assembled and ready
Support yes, height in relation to the floot 600 mm
Color blue
Instrumentation no