Big bag duo unloading station

Unload big bags efficiently at high speed. Without having the forklift to wait during emptying, you can unload big bags with the duo big bag unloading station of Jansen&Heuning. One forklift and one man for the big bag handling easily process 60 to 100 big bags per hour.


If you want to do a request for the unloading station, with which it is possible that one driver with one forklift can process the big bags, use this form


Consisting of a frame with a mobile bar in a rail system with two positions suitable for two big bags. Inclusive two separate lifting traverses for hanging the big bags on the loops, with which the full big bags can be driven into the unloading station and the empty ones can be discharged. 


  • the operator or driver will put a big bag on the lifting traverse that rests on the forks of the forklifttekeningbigbagduolosstation.jpg
  • the full big bag, hanging on the lifting traverse, will be hung on the empty position A of the mobile bar
  • the big bag is driven away to the middle position B and unbottoned after which it empties
  • in the meantime the emptied big bag is removed at position C
  • the empty big bag will be driven to the compactor
  • again, a full big bag will be hung on the empty lifting traverse and will be hanging on position C
  • this process repeats itself alternately for position A and C


From solid profiles consisting of:  

  • fixed rail in the frame construction 
  • mobile bar with two positions for the bigbags 
  • wheels for moving 


  • drive with fixed gearmotor and chain system
  • drive power approx. 0.75 kW
  • 400 V AC, 50 Hz
  • isulation class IP55

Lifting traverses

Equipped with springs for lifting the big bag when it is almost empty, so that the bottom is pulled up and the big bag will be emptied better. 


With hand button panel near the duo exchange system, driven via central control box.