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Oktober 2010

Innovation Award for new FIBC

The Process Innovation Awards are an initiative of the branch organisation for machinery for chemical and food Machevo, together with publisher VNU Exhibitions.

Jansen & Heuning has won the Process Innovation Award 2010 for their new FIBC for bulk goods. CEO Jur Lommerts received this award as winner of the public election of 5 nominations out of 26 participators during the Industrial Processing exhibition at Utrecht - The Netherlands.

This FIBC is designed to be handled without any manual operation. Lashes are replaced by cords, which are connected to the filling spout. The best way to understand this patented construction is to have a look at the video below.

September 2010

Together on the Move


Bulk handling is a wide specialism, although there are some traps. It is an art to avoid these and that can be established with the correct knowledge. Therefore we invest in knowledge all the time.

Recently our salesmen and engineers followed a course in ATEX and CE. We also started a project with the University of Technology Twente, who support us to define and record the specialized knowledge.

Since many years we’ve been able to translated these knowledge in good results. To celebrated this we went for a 3-day company trip to Poland.

Our sister company ZMC held it’s 15-year anniversary, a party we wouldn’t like to miss!

September 2010

Improved “Bigbag”


Nominated for the Process Innovation Award 2010

“Bigbags” (official: Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers) are ideal for bulk handling. Simple, they are cheap, flexible, easy to handle and can be transported by anyone. But they have a drawback: It is hard to fill it for the first time. Someone has to hang up the annoying loops and funnel. Jansen & Heuning found a solution for this.

We have thought out a new type FIBC, which is completely automatic to handle. The four loops are replaced by strings which come together at the filling mouth.By picking up the filling mouth, the strings and the filling mouth will unfold automatically, thereby creating enough space to put in the forks of the fork lift and pick the FIBC up on its strings.

With this invention we attend the Process Innovation Award 2010 at the Industrial Trade Show in Utrecht. Do you think we should deserve this award? Than vote on us via www.industrialprocessing.nl. Unfortunately this website is only available in Dutch.

In the movie below Jur Lommerts explains in Dutch why Jansen & Heuning deserves the Process Innovation Price 2010 and the functioning of the new FIBC is shown.

September 2011

Drying Barley


Holland Malt is a modern malt house of Bavaria and Agrifirm located at the Eemshaven. Malt – the raw material of beer – consists of germinated and dried barley. However the Barley from the North of the Netherlands is to moist to store it safely. That’s why Holland Malt ordered a complete installation with silos and dryer. Last September the 23rd the installation was festively taken into operation.

September 2011

Giga Grain storage


At the Cooperation Jacobs-Migielsen in Woensdrecht we installed a 1.350 ton capacity grain silo for storage of fodder for broilers. The silo is filled via an over ground level filling pit, a bucket elevator and a chain conveyor with capacity of 60 tons/hour. The emptying is done by 2 screw conveyors from which the last one will feed a bucket elevator which feeds the grain in a small hopper. This hopper is attached to an automatic feeding system.

März 2013

Schwarzarbeit ist möglich


Bulk Handling (Schüttgüter) ist ein wunderbares Fachgebiet: Man lernt nie aus, jeder Tag ist anders und jeder Kunde bringt neue Anforderungen mit sich. Es wird eben nie langweilig. Dennoch gibt es auch weniger gängige Produkte für diese wir Vorrichtungen bauen. Bei solchen Montagen oder Reparaturen bleibt man nicht immer sauber. So schwarz wie Richard und Tom hier aussehen ist zum Glück nicht alltäglich. Dennoch bekommen sie die Maschinen wieder zum Laufen, weil sie Profis bei Jansen & Heuning sind.

März 2010

Lunch Time for mechanic Erwin Horlings in Dubai


Erwin is in charge of the build up of 8 chain conveyors in Dubai. There is a huge aluminum factory being build in the middle of the desert. By e-mail he told us:

Meet the new staff of Jansen & Heuning: Azit and Sabud. Azit is a 45 year old mechanic from India who speaks English fairly good. Sabud is his assistant who turned out to be a very good mechanic and welder(which nobody knew). He is 23 years old and originally from Bangladesh. Because the canteen is to far for me to travel too, they brought me an Indian lunch. And that means you have to eat with your hands. I had some grease from a bearing on my hands but that couldn’t spoil the fun.  

greetings from the desert. Erwin.  

Oktober 2009

Keep innovating!


We believe that innovation is the key to surviving any crisis. That is why we keep investing in new equipment. Such as our new CNC plasma cutting machine that can handle plates up to 30 mm thickness and a pressbrake witch supplies a pressure of 1.800 kN.

Oktober 2009

Dry grain for Agrifirm Delfzijl


Traditionally, the province Groningen has always been an area of grain cultivation. The cooperation Agrifirm receives, stores, dries and cleans the grain for her members. This happens in different establishments among which is Delfzijl. Over the years the capacity of the drier became insufficient. We supplied two new driers with strainers with a capacity of 25 tons/hour, a couple of chain conveyors and readjusted the existing installation. Long before the harvesting of the grain everything was installed and fully functional. Although the nice summer made sure the new equipment hasn’t seen a lot of action yet.

Oktober 2009

Sweet bulk handling


After the closing of one of two sugar factories in Groningen, the silo in the Eemshaven needed an option for the filling of trucks. We supplied and installed screw conveyors, elevators and silo’s. Food safety and explosion prevention both played an important part. Although we like the taste of sugar, it is a troublesome product for conveyors. It’s very explosive and highly abrasive.

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